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Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 

student achievement AWARD


The MPHA Student Achievement Award is presented to a student enrolled in a public or community health undergraduate or master’s program or a student enrolled in nursing with a concentration in public health who has demonstrated leadership skills in the contribution to the promotion of the health of individuals, families, and the community.


The student:

  • Is enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s degree in a Community or Public Health program or a student enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s degree program in a School of Nursing with a concentration in public health.
  • Has demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Has contributed to the promotion and protection of the health of individuals, families, and the community in one or more of the following ways:
    • Conducting innovative research in the field of public health
    • Developing innovative approaches to public health problems
    • Providing unique or innovative public health services during their field training
  • Has demonstrated the ability to transfer theoretical ideas and knowledge to practical application in the community.
  • Understands and utilizes the principles of public health in professional activities.

MPHA Student Achievement Award Recipients

1986      Kathleen Matthews

1987      No award

1988      Lori Beaulieu

1989      Sherlyn Dahl

1990      C. Amor Kramer

1991      Sandra K. Krause

1992      Theresa Zink & Jennifer Oliphant

1993      Daniel Garth Osborne

1994      Kent Klindera

1995      Christine Follett

1996      Elizabeth Reinhardt

1997      Michele Strachan

1986      Melissa Bachman

1987      Gita Uppal

1988      Kristine Rhodes

1989      Rahul Kavathekar

1990   Jay Biber

1991   Pamela DeShaw

2004   Trisha Wood

2005   Jennifer Irving

2006   Lauren Gilchrist

2008   Matthew Eggebrecht

2009   Elizabeth  Hackenmueller

2010   Juliet Massie

2011   Nancy Mourad

2012   Samantha Mills

2013   Hally Turner

2014   Juliann Van Liew

2015   Charlotte Bolch

2016    Dominic Dharam

2017    Tessa Lasswell

2018    Sabrina Roowala

2019    Stephanie Mork

2020    Winnie Lindstrom

2021    Delaine Anderson

2022    Sabrina Kubisa 

2023    Shehrose Charania

2024    Bilsuma Adema

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