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Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 

B. Robert lewis AWARD


Established in 1979 to honor "an Elected Official who has distinguished themselves in aggressive pursuit to establish and maintain health as a human right and to secure optimal community and personal health." It is named for B. Robert Lewis who served in the Minnesota Senate from 1973 until his untimely death in April 1979. Senator Lewis was a good friend of public health. He carried many significant pieces of legislation, particularly in the areas of health and social change.


The nominee should have:

  1. Distinguished themselves as an elected official in the area of public health.
  2. Displayed leadership as recognized by the impact of their effort.

B. Robert Lewis Award Recipients

1980   George Perpich 

1981   Lee Greenfield 

1982   Linda Berglin  

1983   Dee Long       

1985   Calvin Condon  

1986   Donald Fraser & George Latimer

1987   David Durenberger 

1988   Walter F. Mondale 

1990   Ann Wynia 

1991   Paul Ogren 

1992   Rebecca Lourey 

1993   Gloria Seigel 

1994   Diane Ahrens 

1996   Marilyn Krueger

1997   Bill Brakke

1998   Hubert H. Humphrey III

1999   Coral Houle

2000   Martin Sabo

2001   Paul Wellstone

2002   Thomas Huntley

2003   Roger Moe

2004   Kathy Tingelstad

2006   Dave Thune

2007   Kathy Sheran

2009   R.T. Rybak

2010   Sandy Pappas

2013   Al Franken

2014   Gail Dorfman

2016   Chris Eaton

2017   Diane Loeffler

2018   Jane Prince

2019   Ruth Richardson

2020   Peggy Flanagan

2021   Tim Walz

2022   Andrea Jenkins 

2023   Leigh Finke

2024   Alicia 'Liish' KozlowskiOjibwe name Ozaawaa Anakwad, or "Yellow Cloud"

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