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Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 

2023 Annual Conference Presentations

Day 1 Presentations

Welcome & Ancestral Lands Statement

Presented by Antonia Apolinário-Wilcoxon and Tyler Pyle, Conference Co-Chairs

MPHA Slides May 22

Plenary: The Sovereignty of Wellbeing: Intergenerational Restoration, and Resiliency

Presented by Lori New Breast, Blackfeet/Pikuni, Native Wellness Institute

Session slides.

Oral Health in Population Health: More than a pretty smile

Presented by Jessica Flotterud, LDH, MS, MPH, Chief Strategic Officer, Apple Tree Dental; Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS, MS, FABSCD, DABDPH, FICD Research Director/Dentist, Apple Tree Dental

Safe Drinking Water for All

Presented by Frieda von Qualen, she/her, MDP, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, Water Policy Center, Minnesota Department of Health; Tannie Eshenaur, she/her, MPH, Manager, Water Policy Center, Minnesota Department of Health

Strength within the Latiné Community: Promotor@s and Liderazgo

After the mask: The impacts of of COVID-19 on Latines in Minnesota, three years later

Presented by Laura V. Villarreal, MPH (She/They), Health and Violence Prevention Specialist, Esperanza United; Patricia Emmanuelli (She/Her), Community Health and Wellness Manager, Esperanza United

Rodolfo Gutierrez, he/him, PhD, Executive Director, HACER; Angeles Juarez, she/her, RN, BSN, MA, Outreach specialist, HACER

Community Building and Social Connectedness to Promote Children’s Health

Working Upstream for Children’s Health Equity

Presented by Beth Ann Dodds, she/her/hers, Project Coordinator, Department - Indigenous Parent Leadership Initiative, Indigenous Visioning, LLC; Andrea Heras, she/her/ella, Family Educator, Early Childhood, Centro Tyrone Guzman; Jason Lee, Program Management Consultant, Korean Service Center

Fawn Youngbear-Tibbetts, she/her/hers, Program Director, Early Childhood Dakota and Ojibwe language immersion, Alliance of Early Childhood Professionals dba Wicoie Nandagikendan; Maren Christenson Hofer, Executive Director, Multicultural Autism Action Network (MAAN)

Improving Breast Cancer Screening in Minnesota BIPOC Populations through Targeted Education

Presented by Donna DeGracia she/her MPAS, PA, Breast Cancer Education Association (BCEA) President; Mehnaz Parvez (aka Geeta Deka), she/her MBBS, MS, Assistant Professor, St. Catherine University MPAS Program; Ashley Pohlenz she/her MPH, BCEA Vice President

Let's Talk About Occupational Burnout and Recovery

Presented by Erin Ulrich, Ph.D., she/her/hers, Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Drake University; Facilitated by Chris Espersen

Plenary: Healing the Healers, Healing the Systems: How to Find Hope in Action

Presented by Gwen Wagstrom Halaas, MD, MBA, FAAFP, Dean, Sanford Heimarck School of Health Professions, Concordia College, Moorhead

Connect with the Minnesota Health Equity Networks

Day 2 Presentations

Welcome and Ancestral Land Statement

Presented by Mayor Shelly Carlson, City of Moorhead and Ellen Saliares, MPHA President

MPHA Slides May 23

Plenary: Resurgence of Vaccine Preventable Disease and the Role of Mis- /Dis-information

Presented by Tracie Newman, MD, MPH, FAAP, she, her, Adjunct Associate Professor, Management of Infectious Diseases, College of Health Professions, Department of Public Health, North Dakota State University

Bridging Generations in Early Childhood Health and Development

Presented by Gevonee Ford, he/him/his, Founder & Executive Director, Network for the Development of Children of African Descent (NdCAD)

Building workforce pathways from public health schools to the governmental public health enterprise – Lessons learned from a pilot project 

Public Health Education in Minnesota: It’s Not Your Parent’s (or Grandparent’s) MPH!

Presented by Harshada Karnik, she/her, PhD, MS, MPP, Researcher, Center for Public Health Systems, University of Minnesota; Chelsey Kirkland, she/her, PhD, MPH, CHW, Researcher, Center for Public Health Systems, University of Minnesota; Kari Oldfield-Tabbert, she/her, Director, Local Public Health Association of Minnesota; Rachel Schulman, CPHS, UMN

Jon Roesler, he/him, Assistant Professor and Program Director, Public Health Programs, Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Human-centered Technology and Services: Building Better in the 21st Century

Presented by Mathias Rechtzigel

Ramsey County Food Security Needs Assessment 2022

Presented by Carissa Dillon (she/her) MPH, RD, Food Security Coordinator, Health and Wellness Service Team, Ramsey County; Sarah Auten (she/her), Planning and Evaluation Analyst, Health and Wellness Administration Department, Ramsey County

Promoting a Healthy Inclusive Democracy is Public Health

Presented by Erica Fishman, MSW, MPH (she/her/hers), Minnesota Public Health Association Health Equity Committee Co-chair; Pat Stieg, MA CHES, (he/his/him), Minnesota Society for Public Health Education and Senior Public Health Program Specialist, Carver County Public Health Department; Jeanne Ayers, R.N. MPH (she/her/hers), Healthy Democracy Healthy People, Executive Director

Strengthening the MN Public Health System through Data Standards and Centralization: The MDH Data Technical Assistance Unit

Presented by Hannah Woods, MPH, Data Technical Assistance Unit Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Health; Chris Brueske, Lead, Covid-19 Data Team, Minnesota Department of Health

Plenary: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Presented by Jan Malcolm, Former Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner

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