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harvey g. rogers
environmental health leadership AWARD


The Harvey G. Rogers Award was established in 1963 “to honor those persons who best exemplify his spirit of dedication, years of distinguished service and technical contributions toward promotion of the public's health through preservation of a quality environment for the State of Minnesota”. It is named for Harvey G. Rogers who served for 34 years with Minnesota Department of Health until his retirement in 1961. In those years, he earned the growing respect and admiration of his professional associates and friends who established the award in his honor. 



  1. Should have a significant number of years dealing with some aspect of quality relating to Minnesota's environment.
  2. May be a professional or non-professional, but must have made a significant contribution to the preservation of the quality of the State of Minnesota's environment.
  3. Should have made contributions that reflect an interest and dedication significantly beyond that of normal job responsibility.
  4. Should have made contributions that are of sufficient scope to include and to have had impact on the health of the public.

Harvey G. Rogers Environmental Health Leadership Award Recipients

1964     Harold A. Whittaker                         

1965     Chester S. Wilson       

1966     Malcolm Hargraves, MD 

1967     Lyle H. Smith           

1968     Theodore Olson, Ph.D.                      

1969     Gerald F. Briggs        

1970     Thomas L. Warner        

1971     William P. Poblete      

1972     Paul B. Johnson         

1973     Russell E. Frazier      

1974     John B. Moyle           

1975     Winston C. Larson 

1978     Elmer A. Huset

1979     George Schoepfer 

1982     Richard Bond 

1983     David L. Peterson 

1986     Judge Miles Lord 

1987     Richard G. Gray, Sr. 

1988     A. Stuart Hanson, M.D.  

1989     Conrad P. Straub 

1991     Janet Green 

1994     Robert Mood 

1995     Bonnie Holz

1996     Frank Staffenson

1997     Gary Englund

1998     Dale Schroeder

1999     Karen Swenson

2000     Bruce Vento

2001     Rich Peters

2003     Susan J. Hibberd

2004     Kathleen Schuler

2005     Rob Fulton

2007     Deborah Swackhamer

2012     Chuck Stroebel

2013     Petrona Lee

2014     John Linc Stine

2015     Paula Maccabee

2016     Thomas P. Hogan

2017     Kristin Raab

2018     Bill Droessler

2019     James Kelly

2020     Helen Goeden, Ph.D.

2021     Amira Adawe

2022    Ginny Yingling 

2023    Kathleen Norlien

2024   Jessica Nelson

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