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Minnesota Public Health Association

Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 



Established in 1960 to honor those members of the MPHA who have “distinguished themselves in the field of public health and who (have) through (their) membership, made a definite contribution to the Minnesota Public Health Association." It is named for A. J. Chesley, M.D. who served 54 years with the Minnesota Department of Health, 34 years as Secretary of the Minnesota State Board of Health and Executive Officer of the Minnesota Department of Health.


Nominees must be a current and active member of MPHA, have made a contribution to MPHA, and should:

  1. Have distinguished themselves in the field of public health by making an outstanding contribution that is innovative or creative.
  2. Have displayed leadership in the field of public health, and served as a mentor to others in the field.
  3.  Exhibit a consistent record of high quality service and professional excellence, not merely longevity.
  4. Demonstrate a strong commitment to collaborative professional activity and teamwork.
  5. Possess outstanding professional integrity and respect.

Albert Justus Chesley Award Recipients

1961     Boris L. Levich             

1962     Mario Fischer, M.D.         

1963     Ruth E. Boynton, M.D.       

1964     Frank H. Krusen, M.D.       

1965     Laura Hegstad               

1966     Viktor O. Wilson, M.D.      

1967     Myhren C. Peterson          

1968     Abraham Rosenfield, M.D.    

1969     Stewart C. Thomson, M.D.   

1970     William A. Jordan, D.D.S.        

1973     Alberta Wilson              

1974     Fannie Kakela & Grace Stolze           

1975     Robert Hiller & Arlene Lehto            

1976     Robert W. Schwanke          

1977     Gaylord Anderson            

1978     Henry Bauer, Ph.D. & Kathrine Gram     

1979     Warren Lawson, M.D. & Richard Bond 

1980     Frances Decker    

1981     Donna Anderson 

1982     Robert Hohman  

1983     Harold Leppink, M.D. 

1985     Paul Schuster     

1988     Arvid Houglum, M.D. 

1989     Edward Ehlinger, M.D. 

1990     Esther Tatley       

1991     Steven Mosow 

1992     K. C. Spensley 

1993     Gayle Hallin 

1994     Charles Oberg, M.D. 

1995     Lynn Theurer 

1996     Malcolm Mitchell

1997     Deborah Plumb

1998     Barbara Hughes

1999     Paul Terry

2001     Mary Sheehan

2002     Tricia Todd

2003     Christine Follett

2004     Ellie Garret

2005     Janny Brust

2006     Ellen Benavides

2007     Thomas Webber

2010     Jaime Martinez

2011      James F. Hart, M.D.

2012      John R Finnegan Jr, Ph.D.

2013     Ann Bajari

2014     Erica Fishman

2015     Kenneth Bence

2019     Cherylee Sherry

2020     MPHA Forum Organizers: Lia Burg, Jean Streetar, Angie Carlson, Ph.D., Lindsey Fabian

2021    Annie Halland

2022    Julie Myhre 

2023    Matthew Flory

2024    Ellen Saliares

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