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Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 

Minor’s Consent 50th Anniversary article with Bob Schwanke, published Dec. 1, 2021

Minnesota Confidential: A Guide for Education and Advocacy to Maintain the Minor’s Consent to Health Services Act (2006)

The Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA) advocates for policies and practices that protect and enhance the health and well being of our citizens and communities. In keeping with its mission, MPHA was instrumental in forging a large coalition of community groups and professional associations to secure passage of the Minor’s Consent to Health Services Act in 1971.

This law enables minors to access a broad array of essential health services without the consent or knowledge of their parents. This law also permits health practitioners to provide confidential services without fear of legal reprisal. MPHA believes that this public health policy continues to be a vital tool to ensure that minors have access to confidential health services.

In recent years, the Minor’s Consent to Health Services Act has been under attack and the ensuing policy debate around efforts to repeal the law has often been acrimonious. MPHA believes that good citizenship and sound policy-making require accurate facts, thoughtful reasoning and conversations without rancor. To this end, Minnesota Confidential brings together proponents and opponents of the Act and provides them an opportunity to make their cases as clearly as possible.

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